Seduction Tips

Today you may be surprised, because you realize that the ways in which you believe you seduce a woman are wrong (if not why would you be here?) But do not worry: The vast majority of people do not know how to seduce girls but I'm going to direct it to the right track with tips and secrets that you will not hear of any other side. The first thing you should know is that everyone uses excuses ("I am short of stature," "I do not look good," "I have no money", "I have no car") to hide its failures, but do I have good news: the girls did not look at it, determine your personality and today we will change that so that they become crazy for you .. Have fun and stop complaining that more notice the error for men is that when they want to seduce a girl in minutes they are talking about the typical issues they have with their friends, talk about their problems so bored girls. Think of the movie actors that girls love, have you ever seen Brad Pitt complain about their family problems? They are always in a COOL attitude and wanting to have fun, and so the girls want you to be. Takes every opportunity to say something funny to make jokes about the girls, smiles and laughs you look pretty …

not a clown but want to be giving you. Any comments can be fun, something like "five men in the gym told me that I lost weight and not a single woman will tell me … I better change sides?" You have to be mysterious and generate TENSIO "N In Instead of filling the girls with compliments and signs that scream that you're desperate for it, and invite her to drink, to eat at an expensive restaurant, or this sort of thing. Instead, you she does not understand what you have in mind to want to get your attention even more. For example, if you say "I'm really pretty?", And it really is beautiful, an ordinary man would say "of course you are precious!". ERROR! The girls are tired of these men and are approximated by dozens of them.

Instead, say "well … the Personality is important! "or simply ignored what he said. She will stay inside thinking "what? why he is different? "and try to call more and more attention … Everything's leadership will do little if you do not have leadership characteristics: think about what you want to do CAS, take control of your life and stop worry about the acceptance of others. When a person stands in leadership, you'll see that others will follow … and that's with the girls. Show them that you do what you want and you're not worried about whether they are having fun … if you are having it NOW, because they want someone who is firm, with a strong personality and does what he wants. If you do this you will be amazing with the girls, and if you check you will find more tips and unique techniques to seduce girls that crazy again … I'll show you ALWAYS works and I guarantee that will work for you … to check it! Check unique tips to seduce girls … always work. Visit