Joo Blacksmith

As Aguiar (2005, P. 199) it excited, many times the employees receive a treatment standardized from its heads. The company believes that all are equal in the way to think, to act and if to hold, and has the idea of that the employees react in the same way to the imposed conditions. However the scholars had concluded that the individuals are different in its individuality, for its personality and experience of life, and in this way they think and they act of a singular form to excessively. Therefore the factors that motivate somebody can not motivate to the other, therefore the motivation is tried differently by each individual. But why to relate endomarketing with the motivation? For some specialists in the subject the two boardings do not possess the same meant, however one complements the other. Inside of the internal marketing, the collaborators to be motivated assaz excellent for the process is.

The company who adopts endomarketing in its management must continuously stimulate its employees for the questions leaves that them truily motivated, making with that they believe and they feel themselves engaged all in the organizacional process. CONCLUSION the present work demonstrates that the philosophy of endomarketing makes with that the collaborators understand and if they identify with the culture of the company. In virtue of one it changes mutual between the two actors, the collaborators opt in remaining and allied collaborating for the success of the company, promoting its proper development and professional growth. Incorporated to this perception, endomarketing strengthens the idea of the concern of the management of the company with well-being of the people and its comprometimento with the development of the group of collaborators, what he offers they balance, security and satisfaction before the character adopted for the organization. As one technique that can be used in the management of endomarketing, empowerment is a process that diminishes the bureaucracy of the enterprise activities, becomes the organizations most competitive in the market, all improves the access and the distribution of the information between the staff. Also it is a way controlling them not to see itself overloaded in its action of control and supervision more, therefore they start to delegate, to train and to believe the capacity of its collaborators.

One concludes that the motivation is basic part of all the process. Without the presence of it in the collaborators the implementation of endomarketing does not evolve, but at the same time, the practical ones cited in this work are stimulatons and reinforcements that inside instigate the motivation of the people. REFERENCES AGUIAR, Appeared Maria Blacksmith of. Psychology applied to the administration: a boarding to interdisciplinar.