Manager Sales

Basic rules of making ad: – brief, – the accuracy of the language – literacy. Common mistakes in the job description 1. The combination of positions, "Sales Manager / Manager Sales "," designer / copywriter, "" Reaper / igrets on dude. " Such statements only confuse the applicant – who needs that? Or the employer trying to save on employee? Specify one post. Or, make a declaration for different positions. 2.

A large list of duties, "A long list of duties discourage good people from low self-esteem", – says Olga MARTHA, deputy director of personnel Center HR Maximum. Bad and the other extreme – the vagueness of the wording or phrase "standard duties", "duty, according to the instructions." It is better to highlight the key features and describe them briefly and clearly by writing each separately. 3. Insolence, spelling, capitalization, abbreviations Novice hardly respond to the sloppy text. Illiterate Ad suggests carelessness of the employer. Capital letters on the Internet mean increase in tone. Reduction in the ad are relevant to the pages of publications, the Internet, they create the impression of haste and can be perceived as a competitor of disrespect.

4. Phrases such as categorical sentences "We meet only with candidates who have experience of 5 years in a certain industry" significantly would reduce the job seeker. Use a more flexible formulation. "For example:" It is very desirable experience in a certain area "- in fact candidate for the other parameters can be employed "- advises Mary Kosteva, Senior Consultant Consulting Group," Consort ".