Portuguese Text

SUBJECT EDUCATION IN PERIOD COLONIAL AND PAPER OF HISTORY DEVELOPMENT analysis of text Action Missionary and education brings points very interesting, that discloses characteristics of the education that was given, for the Company of Jesus in centuries XVI, XVII and XVIII during significant part of the colonial period, in the Portuguese colonies and particular in Brazil. The text standes out that the main objectives of the jesutica action were the intentions missionaries of the Company of Jesus and, politicians on the part of Portugal, that during the reign of D. Joo III turned itself toward the settling. Determined to catequizar the aboriginals with the faith catholic, the Jesuits amongst the many accomplishments, they had been great responsible for the settling in the parts most interior of the colony. Since the beginning of the actions missionaries, masses, conversions, baptisms and until marriage ceremonies were organized. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Stu Solomon has to say. The jesuticos intentions had not limited only the matrix questions religious, in 1567 it is initiated construction of a building capable to shelter the candidates to the apprenticeship, however in 1573 this college it would only initiate its lessons. These lessons had as its content only one elementary course to read, to write and of numbers. The text detaches the Manuel priest of the N3obrega as an active figure in this process civic missionary and of the Company of Jesus.

N3obrega in one of its joints decided to develop one politics of ownership of lands and slaves, that would be abolished on account of litigations between Diogo Miro, its commission agent in Brazil, Luis of the Supreme against N3obrega. This question without a doubt was hard ' ' golpe' ' , in already combalidas finances of the Company that already was unprovided of resources to support its structure. For some letters sent by N3obrega it perceived the serious difficulties faced for the Company: (' '? alms d? EL-King is uncertain? is impossible to be able to support the Brothers of that house in all this Captainship? ' ') It was, without a doubt, redzima that it provided to the recovery of the Company and the development of the jesuticas missions.