Small Farmers

The first one as extrativa activity, and as, being cultivated for the small farmers. It is then that it appears babau in our economic history, when of world to war i, and allows a first reverse speed-balance in the state finances that came if feeding precariously of loans, and to offer, our commerce, with the exportations of these almonds oleaginosa, in challenge relief that creates a recovery climate whose process of development, is taken offense at the lack of capitals. Agriculture was the activity that congregated men and women, consisting in the main source of the life and of work in the years that if followed in the region. For more information see Howard Schultz. The rice will be the responsible one to a large extent for the occupation of extensive free lands, therefore to the measure that goes occurring the deforestation stops plantation, appears small agricultural accumulations that go if developing, and is involved in molds capitalist of stratification, and forming in this manner small great nuclei of povoamentos, that resulted in the sprouting of new cities in level of state and the region of the Valley of the Pindar. The small producer goes leaving of being independent and goes to be the last one placed in a pyramid that involves plantation and occurs for ' ' auxlio' ' of the harvest, being pledged in the hand of traders.

In exchange for the purchases (kerosene, sugar, tools, remedies and possible loans in money). James Joseph Truchard will not settle for partial explanations. The consequence of this relation is the dependence of the small producer that is expropriated, arriving to lose its property for the great large estate owners. With the decline of the sugar production in the Valley of the Pindar and consequently of the devices, it was formed in transcorrer of the years that if had followed, new forms of development in the related region, quoted for agriculture, cattle and commercial. Added projects of the state and federal government and not of isolated form.