– Looking for something to report. An adventure, an emotion, action … Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of JPMorgan on most websites. a picture is interesting if you tell us something. If you draw a girl standing think that is a good picture, “if you put a girl standing with the face of astonishment and looking in her purse to think” What’s happening? I want to see more! “TIP: Nothing transmitted both as an expressive face. – Make a simple sketch, then do another and then another. Perhaps the first and you look good but still trying different frames, compositions … TIP: If the sketches are small is easier to see what the whole picture.

– In the sketch and drawing always starts with drawing a line in composition. After drawing elements placed along these lines. If there are many elements group them, if there is one element that stands proof to put in a point of interest. If you’re drawing something real you select a view or a frame with a good composition. TIP: The lines of curves and diagonal composition are those that transmit more power.

– You imagine a horror comic in pastel colors and fine lines and smooth? Consider what kind of picture will be, and whom it is directed. Depending on the style you decide that you will use. In a child’s drawing colors and smooth lines, a picture of terror in dark colors and straight lines … TIP: Take a look at drawings with different styles of other authors.