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That ourselves. The reality is then the way the mind processes information, then creates the universe and then as the experience through our senses, several people observed a dog and experienced feelings are completely different, someone who was attacked with a dog, you can experience fear or anger, if another person does not like dogs, perhaps you indifferentother loves dogs but of small size and thus observe a simple animal we see as each who creates their own reality and emotions. Dogs have always been there, if you want them to experience in your life then find them and brings them to life, then any life experience is the same, you want to be an entrepreneur, painter, poet, writer, wants a hacienda, want financial freedom, etc. Then centre your full attention on your desire, put all your energy on what you want, look for what he loves with all his strength and true burning desire and you will create that reality. To experience what you want should work in an orderly manner, with well-defined goals, concrete plans, perhaps not all targets are as simple as buying a dog but no matter the size of your goal, if you have thought it then can achieve this. Now analyze slowly, are satisfied with your current life?, do you have desires that it has not failed to materialize? If you are in the path that it is giving satisfactions then congratulations, follow there, kept constant until their desires to materialize fully. Conversely if you feel frustration, is not happy with what is now, has desires unfulfilled then has come the time stand up and start right now to redefine your life, remember that the only element that you have against the time, why not wasted, the best time to start is now visit: original author and source of the article