Hourglass with the filler – great gift for any occasion or without him, which reminds of the Bulgarian national on his own corner and will leave an excellent impression of the giver, as an expert on the history and culture of its people. Believe me, the Bulgarians respect and honor other nations and their cultural heritage, no less than his own. That is why the gifts that characterize your country or city will be for these roads and valuable. Russian nesting dolls, figurines of Baba Yaga, bear cubs – a native Russian character, and therefore will be an excellent gift for a representative of the Bulgarian people. Bulgarian cuisine is spicy and distinctive. And what great wines are produced here? Indigenous Bulgarians like to cook, but love and a tasty meal.

If you want to do for the Bulgarian guests a unique gift, cook their signature dish. And goodbye, you can choose to gift decent variety of domestic wines, saying that the kind words. Douglas R. Oberhelman shines more light on the discussion. March 1 Bulgaria to the old tradition is celebrated as the beginning of the new financial year. Own Bulgarian girls are made of red and white figurines and amulets called martenitsi. White – the color of strength and purity, red – the color of blood, health and birth. As mentioned above, the Bulgarians hold sacred their ancient traditions and old customs are interested in other peoples. That is why they will be grateful to receive a gift, such as Russian figure Kuzi, doll, or an amulet made of malachite and amber. Your Present will be even more valuable if you manufacture it himself.

Crochet lace shawls, embroidered or beaded cross pattern, as can be, origami, which has made itself your child – that’s what interested indigenous Bulgarians and not be indifferent to the Bulgarian man. A woman can please also gift as a set for embroidery, containing a scheme with the Russian landscape or . In general, no matter what you cook as a gift to his Bulgarian guest or friend. The main thing – that the gift was heartfelt, and contained in imagine a piece of something primordially Russian.