I want you to start communicating with your words safety without fear. I say this because … Once I sent an education article in the end recommending my ebook. Hours later, a reader told me that all he did was raise to sell. This shocked me and left me sad because I love writing to help others, but I have to put food in my belly.

Another time someone asked in a forum how I dared to call me Queen of Marketing. Last week was one of my remembering to insult me. Another me said I was a scam. Another told me he thought I was a goddess and the best! For nothing! I’m not the best. I only promotes discipline and talk to security because of fearful not written anything. Do you agree? The stillness is not the best or the nerd. Or the one with the best product or service on the market.

Is one who knows the great secret is the discipline of marketing. You got to breathe and eat all the time and marketing to communicate safely on the market. So start talking to safety. You have to believe in you with all your strength and let the market know that they would be given to what you do. So much to read all about your industry, attend all invest in everything and just relax to recharge your batteries. In short … You are an expert. Anyone tell you otherwise. Communication security in your words. Be aggressive! Dear Entrepreneur: The more exposed you are, the more you grow your business and make more money, more will attract this type of people who live life just watching and letting time (with envy, to complete). If you had listened to those people who tried to destroy me with their words, not safely be writing this article. 🙂 With love, Diana Fontanez m