Business Ethics

Our personality and everything we do is marked by a number of principles and values that together we call ethics, which is something that tells us what is right and wrong and what to do. We live in a world cluttered with bad precepts, no doubt, the big fish eats the little boy and what can be said that you can no longer trust anyone, and unfortunately this is very true, therefore, our ethics define the class of people we are, if we are those in which there is trust or not. In the business world that is even more visible, as there are businesses which need to practice practice and unfair acts, half-truths and other instruments to achieve relative success have, however, how legitimate is this success, what so low we can fall to get something material in return for sacrificing our values, am very sorry but the vast majority of merchants and entrepreneurs has lied at least once a client so to get a sale, this is very bad. But worse is to state that there are entire businesses based on lies and deception, such as office kid company, which sold a briefcase with various articles to make people believe your boss and all the staff that you have a child with the sole purpose of excused absence to to work when you want, including birth certificates, medical certificates of illness of your child and other objects to make more real the lie, a bit of ethics would not come bnada bad this business, well, not to mention that disappear. But there are other businesses that take the banner being a law-abiding and people and this gives them economic returns and that more people trust them and therefore prefer