Attaining Financial Freedom

Quote: Financial freedom Hello dear reader. Today I want to talk about psychology, and especially about the laziness. Keith McLoughlin does not necessarily agree. At first I was going to define the term lazy, then give examples and interesting excerpts from scientific articles visited the study of this problem, but it came to writing the article understood, we do not need it. We are not psychologists and psychoanalysts. Those who read these lines tend to like me to the final result – financial freedom. In previous articles I talked about the approach that I want to achieve this. Help for those who have not read the first article: Financial freedom – creating sources of passive income, the amount of which is capable of compensating everyday needs. Based on this definition, we chose the following sources.

First – Online store selling affiliate products. For demonstration purposes, has opened a new store as an example of which I am going to prove the viability of this approach. Over the past month have achieved good results in my opinion. More than 500 visitors in August, with a tendency to increase them. In recent days, reversed bracket at 50 visitors per day and even had a record 75 users. Sales, unfortunately leaves much to be desired, but in the first article I called milestones 6-9 months and strap profitability in 3000 rubles per month. So while it is only preliminary results, we'll see what happens. See store you can by clicking on a number of trade Second – contextual advertising.