Knowledge Step

Become a competent expert in the field of its activities, please be a successful experience in applying the knowledge gained, and only then share your knowledge with others; step 4. Learn to always think positively, keep the global objectives in the field of your consciousness, and the next subgoal in their daily thoughts. Stop thinking about the obstacles and that you have not yet obtained. Think only about what you want, but without desire. Operate continuously to achieve its goals, but do not focus on the number of actions, and their quality and timeliness; step 5. Constantly plan on paper the way to achieve your goals. Break down larger goals for the sub-goals, set deadlines harder for you to achieve any particular stage, and follow these terms. Remember that without a deadline – a goal loses its force, and may be unattainable mirage.

Believe in your strength and your goals, drop doubts and act in accordance with their plans; step 6. Define your own niche and its target audience. It becomes quite easy to do when you have decided on steps 1 through 5. I can only say that when you understand what you do and for what purposes do you do when you have learned enough of others success stories and get your own successful experience in applying knowledge, then find a group of people who need your knowledge and experience – no problem. Group of people who are actively interested in fact what you are well understood and have experience – this is your target audience; step 7.