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Federal Environment Minister Rottgen supports nationwide information campaign for regenerative technology of the future Berlin, March 16, 2010. Federal Environment Minister Dr. Norbert Rottgen takes over the patronage of the nationwide heat pump action weeks from 17.04 to 02.05.2010: “I support the heat pump action weeks, because every heat pump is another building block for a more independent of imported energy, safer and more economical heating.” The heat pump action weeks are carried out already for the third time and are heat pumps (BWP) and the Department of heat pumps of the industry Federation Germany House, energy and environmental engineering (BDH) a joint initiative of the Association of free according to the motto “Naturlich.Warme.Pumpen.” The weeks of action is framed for around 2000 information sessions, on which citizens, builders, homeowners and tenants, but also planners and architects closer on the topic of heat pump can inform themselves. A concern, the reigning Federal Environment Minister Rottgen supports, because he sees the energy supply of the future in the use of renewable energy sources: “the renewable energies will as soon as possible the main share of the energy take over. This is it klartes goal of the Federal Government. Heat pumps”, so Rottgen continue,” have developed this into an increasingly successful and versatile technology in the field of renewable energy: harnessing environment, geothermal or waste heat and provide electricity from renewable sources at times, where they produce a significant excess of electricity at the same time storage and balancing options.

” In addition, the heat pump has the great advantage that she can completely replace fossil heaters. Efficient heat pumps can so an important contribution to environmental and climate protection”. More information to the heat pump action weeks including current events calendar, see the Internet under: of the Federal Association of heat pumps (BWP) e.V. are craftsmen, designers and Architects, heating industry and utilities organized, committed to the increased efficiency of heat pumps. Since 1 January 2007, the heat pumps initiative in the Federal States (WIB e.V.) and the BWP merged and represent the German heat pump industry today.

Hall Tax

Press release by: Steuerberater Rudiger cross Hall news judgment of the Bundesfinanzhof helps owners of cogeneration (CHP). Who sometimes even uses his electricity and heat production, saving taxes. After a verdict Bundesfinanzhof (XI. Senate of the 12.12.2012 – XI R 3/10) of the tax value of own consumption is often below the cost. Thus, the judgment creates a tax shelter for the future and opens up the possibility of a tax refund for already assessed tax years. Only since the year 2011 financial management looks at operators of small CHP as an entrepreneur, if they regularly feed power. You hereby follows the ruling of the Federal fiscal court in 2008 (judgment v. 18.12.2008, V R 80/07).

The entrepreneur properties also at low feed confirmed expressly in the recent judgment of the BHF. For assistance, try visiting Caterpillar Inc.. Another point of contention between the financial management and internal users remained the valuation of power and heat from the own cogeneration plant. As the highest German tax court, the Federal fiscal court established valuation now. He calculated the value of the collection of the self-made and consumed current even when actually higher cost after the local price of electricity. The financial management called the approach of cost so far. Even when the value of home-grown and consumed heat is expected with reduced cost. A reduction of the cost is required to take into account the heat useful not for the heating of the House according to the Federal fiscal court. If there are no records about the heat loss, may be determined in the treasure trail.

Pending a response of the financial administration. It is not to exclude that it initially reacted with a non-application adoption on the unpopular law. The ruling is particularly operators of small cogeneration plants, which supply their owner-occupied real estate. The favorable case law is to apply in all cases not even stock strong. The sales tax, this allows mostly the retroactive change of the tax bills for the last four years. A submission should be but only after calculation actual effects occur.