Space-Saving Household

To date, many more small apartments, we have inherited from the past. Howard Schultz understood the implications. So you want to somehow win in the conservation area. To do this, there is an accordion door plastic. It can be used not only as an interior door, but in order to isolate any angle, which allows you to make some shelves. For this type of door is the radial accordion. And when you open the doors of an accordion, you do not release space required for conventional open doors, which tend to "eat" up to 1 sq.m.

area. It is easy to open or right or left, and optionally from the center to the sides. To accordion door looked more plastic elegant, you can make an accordion door with stained glass. The color scheme for the door panels such as the accordion is very large: white, as well as panels imitating precious woods such as beech, oak, bleached oak, pine, walnut, silver ash, cherry, mahogany, another panel imitating metal (aluminum) and white marble. The doors can be equipped with handles or locks on to the customer. So if you want it can be closed with a key.

Folded able door takes 15 to 20% of the width of the opening. That is, the width of the opening of 1 meter, is about 80 inches of free space. The benefit to a person when you win every square centimeter. There are times when the door simply can not be opened, so it simply is removed. Sometimes tenants want one large room, divided into two zones, and here come to the aid accordion door type. Thus, we can divide the room into two zones for residential and bedroom. It is also possible to separate and away from children, for families with young children living in one room. With such partitioning, the couple will be his cozy nest. Accordion-type door height is limited to three meters, the width of the doors is limited, only the area of the room. So for those who want to improve their living conditions, but the money to buy a new home there may be simple to install wall or door type harmonica. And you immediately notice that transform your apartment. Accordion doors of the panels under the noble woods decorate your interior and improve mood. Take care of these doors is easy. If they get dirty they can be simply wipe with a damp sponge, if necessary, using a soapy solution. Other care, these doors do not require an accordion.