Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Now in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange quote is within the reach of many Spanish companies. With the help and support professional, serious and responsible of LCF Capital Partners, any Spanish company can quote in the international wholesale bag. Only need to meet one requirement: processing operations from 5 M and LCF only invoiced fees in case of success, being the total cost approximately half of usual in the sector. Do you’ve raised ever get funding through the listing? Did you know that this is one tract more affordable to do this? Currently, Deutsche Borse holds 60% of the resulting entity of its merger with NYSE. That entity is, with big difference, world stock market higher.

LCF Capital Partners is constituted by a group of professionals specialized in operations relevance with one financial expands over 20 years professional experience. Now already installed in Spain and keep the constant objective of getting funding, growth and internationalization solutions to Spanish companies. With this innovative system in Spain, LCF Capital Partners will support and help companies from different sectors can obtain financing for their projects, increase the possibility of stay and grow in the market, and maintain professional relationships both inside and outside Spain to increase the potential of positive and profitable development of the company. Among others, the Mostoles Game PLC company is already trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Borse) with a stock market value of 19 M, having been dealt your quote by LCF Capital Partners S.A. and going to form part of its growing portfolio of clients in Spain. The main activity of this company is the installation of gaming machines in rooms dedicated to the hospitality industry, together with the exploitation of cafes in property, but where Mostoles Game shows a special interest is in the acquisition and management of meeting rooms game.

The evolution of Mostoles Game has exceeded all initial expectations. Since its birth, this company has maintained sustained growth, being in the year 2010 when such growth has exceeded 30%, thus breaking all forecasts and achieving, thus, position itself as one of the companies with greater future of the sector (). Thanks to these fundamentals and the proprietary method of LCF, Mostoles Game has managed to be valued in those almost 19 M stock effects. More information at: LCF Capital Partners, C / Ferraz, 28,28008 Madrid, Spain phone: 917588119 E-mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte ( about LCF Capital Partners LCF Capital Partners was founded in January 2010 and is constituted by a group of professionals specialized in operations relevance with one financial expands over 20 years professional experience.LCF Capital Partners partners have been involved in important operations with stock exchanges with international banks, institutional investors, investment funds, sovereign wealth funds and have brought more than 2,000 companies to bag, many of them in Germany and the USA.UU. Now installed in Spain with the aim of getting financing, internationalisation and growth solutions to Spanish companies.