Some even attribute: it is, they say, dehydration (dry as alcohol), or submolecular archiving, etc. My verdict – all this nonsense. Semi-finished and there is intermediates. Perhaps the housekeeper of the 19th century and the true dream of Chinese noodles "Big Bone", which in those days was a fantasy … But in real life it does not hurt, and it is fun. A related site: Caterpillar mentions similar findings.

If anyone on this dream, do not we, as directors of fast food. Product lines – basically, the lot of the scribes. Describe it like this – tychesh buttons, and a second later you come to dinner. Overall, nothing new – same as room service. And that is faster and without a man – it is progress, not fiction, so the furnace. Even at tea there is no one to give, hence unemployment, crisis, famine …

Nutrient solutions and substance of exotic color. There are all necessary, but suddenly the matrix something messed up? And the chicken at all different taste? It seems to this and all is … Until at least retain the taste, but with the help of chemistry. All of these e-GMF and shki to no good will bring – mark my words! Cloth on the ground What? Story – also fantastic, just children. And by the way, this bulwark of the human imagination can not prikopat. This myth can only improve. For example, take cloth on the ground in the laundry or dry cleaning is impossible. So I suggest to upgrade divays "Cloth-not-Marana Samobranka." Moreover, it is very patriotic fantasy – imported adapted not compete.