Skin Care

Skin Care. How to keep your youth. Author of the article by the Independent Consultant Oriflame Website: And so, we often do not attach importance to what can be changed with minimal loss of its financial funds. DWDG LLP addresses the importance of the matter here. As a result, while we're losing is not possible to return back. In order to maintain your skin in good condition to take care of her after 25 years and not later.

Today there are many cosmetic products which are directed only to the fact that to preserve youthfulness of your skin, but not all products are so good as they advertise, I will focus on products that Oriflame has proven its quality and reliability. Through Of course my Swedish roots. Our skin is composed of the dermis, subcutaneous fat and the basis of the epidermis. In turn, the epidermis consists of cells that are constantly in motion and continually divide, as a development, they gradually ascend to the surface of our skin, which leads to the death. Under the influence of environmental factors, these dead cells sloughed off, and eventually give way to new. All of these actions directed only to the fact that provide a continuous process of renewal of skin cells. At the age of 25 years, this process occurs over 20 – 40 days, as we become older, this process is delayed for more serious time and reaches 40 to 80 days. Of course we should not forget that there are other undesirable changes, namely, the skin loses moisture and elasticity, collagen breaks down the structure of the dermis, there wrinkles.

In order to find a rule your skin type, follow these steps: wash your face a soft tool. For example, take, cleansing cream 10 594 from the collection "Aloe". Refrain from using the tonic and apply the cream. After 15-20 minutes, to push the thin skin of the face paper towel. 1) in the case, if the tissue at the site were grease stains, then you have oily skin, and 2) in the case, if the fat secret imprinted only on teobraznoy Zone then you have dry skin, and 3) in the case, if the cloth was left totally clean, then you have dry skin, 4) And the last skin type is normal skin, with a swipe at almost no visible grease stains. If you have any questions the subject, in this case I am happy to answer your questions. In addition, you will be able to find suitable subjects you to my website at: Sincerely Your Independent Consultant Oriflame. I will be glad to help with something, and be useful for you. Online registration at Oriflame


These days, people in their own profession may be called a man not limited. In other words, neither the boundary of its region or the edge of the familiar training field are not really possible to stop purposeful citizen. Basically it was naturally a time of global crisis, when the economic situation became worse and radically to get jobs in their field in their own village at times seemed impossible. In this situation, unable to show financial stability, only those professionals that can quickly learn to change habitual behaviors, and even move as necessary in other settlements. Advanced employee working in Moscow – this is particularly the prospect of improvement. When our special qualities demanded in any other city – absolutely does not matter where to perform their duties.

Necessary – to find the most suitable place for its own relevance to the implementation. For citizens of many activities the most reasonable increase – leaving the Russian capital or Petersburg. In these regions the financial direction of real demand, because in that case when you have financial relationships, then this kind of work – this is what you need. Although, of course, is not only in certain self-confidence. With a view to not only find jobs in large cities, and hold on to itself, must in fact be the best of the best.

On the other position, for many citizens professionals obtain work in the capital city is meaningless – in regional centers such experts repeatedly demanded. In any case, to find the most appropriate in all respects a job, you must have adequate view of a segment of the labor market and learn all the best deals. In addition, the specialists staffing firms often offer study and those places which are not directly related to the direction of interest to you activity, but can wait out the period before the actually acceptable proposals or a job in a company which operates in an interesting area, and yet at this time does not offer open jobs required field. Anyway, the work requires a deliberate and serious attitude. After all, in search of work, as in the bulk of other activities extremely valuable – especially favorable moment to realize and not limited to the status quo. Even in a situation where you find the work of his blue dream, do not dwell on the already achieved. The domestic market is constantly changing and employment in order to easy to look at tomorrow, you need to sensibly assess the real situation. Assess the overall market employment, students – and you’ll still be able to stay successful in their professional activities.

European Union And Finances

Peter Mandelson (Peter Mandelson) continues to receive from the European Union's 8500 pounds (about 413 000 rubles) per month, despite the fact that he was two years ago left his post in Brussels. Funny news site kindly provided an accurate translation loud articles on the Internet. To know more about this subject visit Howard Schultz. Former European Commissioner for external trade left office in 2008 and returned to the UK cabinet. Despite this, he still continues to receive 103 thousands of pounds (5 million) a year in special allowances for which the taxpayers. He receives a 8.622 pound per month, as he was supposed to pay half, which he received on his position in the European government. At this position he was due to former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair (Tony Blair). Lord Mandelson, the Minister of State for Business and Innovation United Kingdom, will receive this benefit until October 2011. By the time he was already three-year stint in the cabinet.

Press secretary of the European Council told the Telegraph: We pay to former members of a European government benefits that they should be easier to return to work in their own country. Thanks to the benefits, they can be more independent, and they do not need to urgently look for a job. " Charges Lord Mendelssohn benefits may stop only if he finds work with higher salary than his former position in the government of the EU. The only officially registered source of income is the fee of Lord Mandelson, who he gets for his autobiography "The Third Man." He also received about 400 thousand pounds (19.5 million) for the right edition of his book series. Even as the titular nobleman, he was supposed to daily allowance size of 86 pounds, which he can get, coming to the House of Lords. The leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Faraj (Nigel Farage) told the Telegraph: "The Lord Mandelson comfortable and carefree sitting on my ass and continues to absorb thousands of pounds in like a sponge.

For that we pay him? I guess no one knows the answer to that question. " Lord Mandelson allowance is 30 times higher than the British unemployment benefit and maximum duration of benefits for which He will receive the money six times the duration of unemployment benefits. This benefits system has been criticized by organizations of taxpayers, after it was announced that 17 former members of the EU governments receive such benefits. They continue to receive the money, despite the fact that they are working in other jobs. One titled nobleman of Labour Party receives about 80 000 pounds (390 thousand) per year due to the difference between his former salary in the EU Council and the British Minister of salary. Stephen Booth (Stephen Booth), a member of the organization Open Europe said: I do not understand why the Lord Mendelssohn such relief. He therefore works in the government, he had a large salary. Why taxpayers who do not always have enough money to lead a comfortable life, should give more money to officials. Because they live so much richer than the ordinary worker. " Source: