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Showcase at CeBIT: Jena/Hanover, Germany, March 01, 2010 – the IT specialist AGETO service GmbH expands its competence in the field of IT security and introduces the full integration of the new identity card (nPA) in online applications. Even before the official launch of the nPA as of November 2010, AGETO has already realised IT projects for the nPA. The AGETO security specialists have implemented turnkey integration of the new identity card from an online store. AGETO it developed the concept of technology and was responsible for the technical project management for the integration of the electronic identity card. With his know-how aimed AGETO on Internet service providers, online shop and portal operators, payment providers, banks, insurance companies and authorities.

Sascha Sauer, AGETO CEO: “with the introduction of the nPA” s at the end of the year the demand already after the integration of the new identity card in electronic services for the processing of contracts, requests or purchases suddenly. Processes in the Internet are finally simple and yet safe. We are working on nPA integrated solutions for E-Government, E-Health, E-education and E-commerce. Furthermore, we develop ‘Customer self-service portals’ as additional services.” Consumer and provider many benefits with the integration of the nPA and previous problems there are: * easier handling and assurance in the context of the protection of minors * a clear identification of the purchaser or end-user is guaranteed for the first time merchant protection against fraud in the online shop (E.g. credit card defrauders) more transparent communication between buyer and seller accounts outside of standard business hours possible (24 h service) more security concerning the specification for avoiding wrong deliveries and reduce the cost * more payment methods due to higher security possible faster processing unnecessary produces identification via third-party (E.g., post) more satisfaction and improved customer loyalty, saving cost and effort As an example of the integration of the nPA in online portals, the AGETO subsidiary SYNCHRONITY at CeBIT (Hall 9, B47, Thuringian community stand) shows a showcase in the field of e-Government. There checking identity with which demonstrates an example nPA. The contact details are certainly sent a trusted address, verified and released for the “nPA integrated portal”. About Ageto service GmbH: The Ageto service GmbH is a specialist provider of consulting, software development, implementation, and service in the areas of Internet commerce, inventory management and Internet marketing. As a partner of E-commerce technology and ERP providers Ageto assumes the implementation and support of software solutions., Pelican, Fujitsu, Berlet and Toshiba are among the well-known customers. For more information see contact: Ageto service GmbH Franziska Krieg Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 03641/57332-21 press contact: Tower PR Tina Albrecht Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 03641/5070-81