Pope Glasses

Without political barriers. Someone who fight for the common good. For the illiterate. We do not seize him. They also have the right to live with dignity. We do not build anyone in ignorance of each other.

We magnificamos in the service to others. In DAR. And as said Amado Nervo in its poetic expressions: every man who you looking for, is going to ask you something. The boring rich, the amenity of your conversation; The poor, your money; the sad a consolation; The weak, a stimulus; that fight, a moral support; Every man you are looking for, insurance is going to ask you something; And you dare impatient you! You dare to think! That annoyance! i unhappy! The hidden law that distributes the Excellencies, mysteriously has deigned grant you the privilege of privileges, the good of the goods, the prerogative of the prerogatives i TU you give!. In how many hours has the day, you give; -even a smile, even if it is * a handshake, even a word of encouragement! verily, more better to give than to receive-personalized literacy on several occasions, I have taught and I know those faces tanned, ajados by inclement weather and carelessness, ashamed by his advanced age by learning to read and write some. Apology with your expresivos eyes by having not arrived on time with a formal educacion, as the company sends him.

I’ve seen those eyes shine with simplicity in their sense of wonder to finally distinguish the letter i from and that Pope is not written just like MOM. Some have no or glasses for minimally begin to distinguish the letters. They smile and also appreciate when given some old glasses as of our deceased grandmother. It was kept in a drawer of the wardrobe or the bedside table of our paternal House. And MOM (already died several years ago our father) grumbling guys!, shouted from afar and yard washing the clothes: Alfredo what are stirring in the closet drawer.! And one big boy now and with children in tow, responded: nothing MOM. Looking for glasses grandmother Maria-those who used with frameless glasses and the crimp and sideburns of 14 carat gold. And our mother resigned, but a little prejudiced by ignoring certain details without informing, we replied: do you have become materialistic * now? What!!! Have you gone crazy running behind inflation? Not MOM what happens is that I’m teaching a couple of illiterates to read and write and I need glasses grandmother Maria * to crush the breast and back. You have four daughters (4) and you the you spend paveando, wasting time on silly things? Why don’t you care about your family and leave than others, especially the Government undertakes the illiterate? How dear reader can explain that above glasses grandmother, my mother, my daughters, of the Government;? There is a civic love that unites me towards my fellow citizens. I’ve seen put my vote in the polls, to those embarrassed faces. The heart part. It hurts. Very deep. By the same author: Jim Umpleby. Who is that put the Bell the cat?