Hassan Meskaouni

The menu is varied and typical Spanish and products are top quality. The specialty of El Pescadero is undoubtedly the fish and seafood (squid, monkfish al pil pil, clams, cuttlefish, etc.) But also serve various kinds of salads, rice, snacks, desserts and even Moroccan dishes. Puerto Banus is a restaurant serving Spanish specializing in seafood, located on the Rue Ibn Handal, compared to the Tennis Club. The decor is a fusion of finance and riad, stylish, subtle, and is divided into three different rooms: Andalusian, Eastern and traditional. The menu offers seafood of excellent quality and prepared by the chef Fassi Noureddine, awarded by several European restaurants. Prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is relaxed and distinguished. a Tapas Bars Without doubt, the best spot to have a drink, dancing to Latin music, song, jazz, Sephardic music and other Mediterranean and Caribbean rhythms is La Bodega in Marrakech Plaza, in the neighborhood of Gueliz. This bar offers a wide variety of beers and cocktails, plus tapas and Spanish dishes.

Also, daily live music and weekend, a fantastic spectacle of live music, with the dramatic voice of singer Alicia Murillo Seville and the set led by pianist Hassan Meskaouni. with leisure and cultural activities Instituto Cervantes de Marrakech is one of the six locations of this institution in Morocco. The Institute held many cultural and educational activities such as workshops, conferences, workshops, hearings, conferences and roundtables. It also offers arts and entertainment, like films, concerts, exhibitions, plays and literary readings. In addition, the library media center provides an opportunity to access a wide variety of films, books and music. the Spanish and Spanish who decide to visit or reside in Marrakech City Ocre have countless opportunities to enjoy the cuisine, tourism, cultural and playful with Hispanic character that the city offers. The are inexpensive and high quality, and many of the typical Spanish owners are offering a comfortable, cozy and even peculiarly Hispanic. David Gonzalez-Company (Degree in Philosophy, University of Valencia (Spain), MA (Hons) Degree in Mental Philosophy, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), MA Degree in Comparative Literature, University of Washington (USA)) is a writer, journalist, educator and translator and has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa .