Muhu Aliev

The official, at a minimum, should be afraid of the authorities, if he is not afraid of God and public opinion. But now is qualitatively different problem: economic regeneration, attracting investment and business Chechen homeland. Subsidized 'needle', you see, can play 'dirty trick' with psychology of people and apparatus. Appear a dependency, although the Chechens, they (like mood) are typical in the least. Life itself in the difficult 90th, and two military campaigns least to this disposal I would be only peace and order problem which decided the success Ramzan.

In the neighboring republics, unfortunately, such a dependency are particularly convex, although there are fighting against this evil: in Dagestan – Muhu Aliev, in the CBD – Arsen Kanokov in Ingushetia – Junius Beck Yevkurov. In general, to solve the least ambitious and more complex tasks need not trivial approach. It is necessary to reconfigure the machine so that it performs just as well (as well as restoration work), the problem of economic development and entrepreneurship. Here in one discipline does not vyedesh. Need creative (creative, as we now like to say) approach. A dictatorship of the building should be 'cross' with dictatorship development. I think in this direction so far little success.

Something was in the way. Well do not go Chechen business to their homeland, as well as it does business in Dagestan Mukhu Aliyev. Won first rating in Russia, according to the Russian-language edition of 'Forbes' Dagestani businessman Suleiman Kerimov is building several businesses in Dagestan, and the NFL (the tax on an individual) at 1, 6 billion.