English Translation

That is why it is possible that the translators, paid by you in various X, sat at a desk, and most likely, an expert with a smaller X will be more competent more confident and charged to a positive result. "I do not want yesterday's student" – and again it is logical and correct. Yes, the old horse furrow does not spoil, but where is the dividing line, when a student intern, after two or three years of hard work is recognized as a pro? So, what guarantees that the translation will be quality for X = 0, ie, that Y > 0? There is little likelihood that the interpreter is PI or LLC, then the guarantee provided by well-written contract to provide translation services are absolutely the same the same as when X>> 0. By features of the national economy, with repeated reference to the same interpreter, and often at first, of these formalities are refusing to guarantee and summary and recommendations. Whatever it was, sane translator will not take up the order, not being sure of their professional line.

But do not hang up if the interpreter was asked to tell us about the direction of the forthcoming communication and send the materials on the subject. No matter how skilled and confident translator was, once again to make sure that Arizona has not forgotten the names of stress or insect of the family of weevils can not hurt. And looking like a professional translator orders, which has no time to master the WordPress or Joomla, and mold-made pages on the Internet, or write to the newspapers? Or do not want to, because the base has been formed regular customers .. And there can not do without the notorious X-dependent .. The investigation was stalled ..

In Generally, trust but verify. That appeal involved business people who where, and, often, were satisfied after the first acquaintance with a competent translator from English, German, Chinese or Japanese, keep your phone interpreter, reducing X to zero, or the agency with his regalia and guarantees, sneezing all the X, because the time scale of business and do not let trifles … I will be frank with the reader of this article – X of our experts is not zero, including author of the article – a translator from English, paying taxes under the simplified system. However, increasing it to the size of X>> 0 does not allow any conscience of citizens of the former USSR, nor the laws of the market, or established during the joint work friendships. But at the expense of the parameter Y can concretely say – will not be ashamed. Contact – and we will be non-monetary assistants in your business. We can be helpful in the implementation of translation and interpretation of French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, English languages.