Google Spain

In our view, is a claim made by a citizen against Google Spain S.L. (Google) and a newspaper by the lack of attention to the right of opposition of interest. Citizens exercised the right to oppose the processing of their personal data to Google. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as JPMorgan Chase by clicking through. In particular, requested the Elimination of your personal data and health (related to an accident in which he suffered injury) which appeared on the Internet using the Google search tool. Of special interest is the identification of phases that performs the AEPD in relation to the process of the Google search engine: firstly, the words collection phase key that it develops from a consistent and unnoticed by the user through a few devices that constantly surfing the net, visiting web sites that are and analyzing its content. During this visit, these devices extracted words which considered useful and include them in a list with reference to the address of the web site where the they extracted. Secondly, comparison of words that AEPD this phase is carried out via a comparison between the words included by the user as a criterion of search and list which includes the learned words and references to web sites, as noted by facilitating the person concerned a results list that includes references to websites in which appear the words of the search criteria, ordering in attention to the greater or lesser relevance of the match. The following arguments of the AEPD are also interesting: first-language of drafting documents / geographical location the Spanish version of the search service allows you to discriminate your search results based on the language of drafting documents or the geographical location of the web servers that host them.

In this way, the user can decide your search results refer to pages of Spain, limiting page main search engine, or by using the advanced search functionality. Second.-technical means in Spain for providing the search service to Spanish users, it is prerequisite used technical means located in Spanish territory. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Horowitz on most websites. Third.-service aimed specifically at the territory Spanish view of AEPD, the search service is specifically aimed at the Spanish territory on the basis of the following facts:-the language of the page is written in Spanish language. -The domain under which hosts the service of search engine Google in Spain is. is, territorial domain corresponding to Spain. -The results of Google searches that appear are aimed at users located in Spanish territory. These arguments led to the AEPD estimating the claim made by the citizen. Audea security from the legal department information source: AEPD

Discounts Coupons

Different sites of discount coupons provide incredible opportunities every day, with discounts of up to 90%, in gastronomy, travel, tourism, events, beauty, adventure and other products, services and experiences not to be missed. In Descuentocity to group every day all the best daily discounts companies offers… These discounts are available only for a short period of time, usually one day, and it is almost impossible to become repeat. How it works * commissions: bargaining varies in each case, but in general the companies call for a Commission of 50% of the price of the coupon (especially those that have more quantity of users; the more girls, ask for less). It also negotiates if you offer a fixed or unlimited number of tickets. ** Coupons: the client receives offers in your e-mail.

If any are interested, have to pay (there are several modes) and then receive a coupon with a code. You must print it and present it at the local. * What to buy: customers receive especially service offerings (massages, spas, restaurants, travel, toys, courses, etc.). Increasingly incorporate more products spoken market discounts of the day because, in general, last 24 hours (although some extend the term to 2 or 3 days). And the boom is unprecedented. Sites like urban fish, Groupon, Letsbonus, Agrupate, BigDeal, Clubcupon, ClickOn, the grupazo and Descuentocity received tens of thousands of visits daily and its rapid growth has generated a sharp increase in local e-commerce: the discounts are so tempting that a large number of users has started in the world of shopping over the Internet.

According to market data, approximately 65% of the users were women. Because of this, most of the deals are aimed at them. The discounts vary between 40% and 95% each of these sites offers one, two or up to ten discounts at the same time. This implies that you need to read a dozen of emails or web pages to find out about the best deals. Descuentocity simplify you the life and allows you to comfortably aware of all the impressive discounts from a single location. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. You can subscribe to a newsletter where you will receive the offers of interest to you or visit the website daily, and don’t miss any discount. Descuentocity emerged in September 2010 after the boom of the coupon, and from there the growth was constant.

Holy Spirit

Today the call to be pastor has more professional, to the point that have students in universities doing master’s degrees in divinity with simply academic theology teachers and no call a formation you will unconsciously creating expectations of bad Gospel and occasionally anti Biblical. Of course that not all are like that, glory to God why. I pray to the father, that those men and women who allege have appealed to graze, to be missionaries, evangelists and even priests have into account that its greatest commitment is with Christ and service to others. The Gospel is not a profession, and much less a business. The Gospel and the true religion according to Santiago is the service and must never forget.

I sometimes wonder if the little effectiveness which have some ministries is precisely why people that it only aspires a life comfortable and loose, forgetting his vow of total surrender to the needy. Christ demands of us and still lay, to give everything to the poor, to deliver our gifts and talents for the sole purpose of aggrandize the work of the Church on Earth. I conclude by saying that it is not vital if you’re going or not to the seminar, if you lay leader, or if you are a graduate of a University with many titles what is important is that we are not reluctant to let us direct by the only person who can really do it supernaturally; Christ and the person of the Holy Spirit. So not yourselves be called Reverend, because God is the only one worthy of total reverence.