Holy Spirit

Today the call to be pastor has more professional, to the point that have students in universities doing master’s degrees in divinity with simply academic theology teachers and no call a formation you will unconsciously creating expectations of bad Gospel and occasionally anti Biblical. Of course that not all are like that, glory to God why. I pray to the father, that those men and women who allege have appealed to graze, to be missionaries, evangelists and even priests have into account that its greatest commitment is with Christ and service to others. The Gospel is not a profession, and much less a business. The Gospel and the true religion according to Santiago is the service and must never forget.

I sometimes wonder if the little effectiveness which have some ministries is precisely why people that it only aspires a life comfortable and loose, forgetting his vow of total surrender to the needy. Christ demands of us and still lay, to give everything to the poor, to deliver our gifts and talents for the sole purpose of aggrandize the work of the Church on Earth. I conclude by saying that it is not vital if you’re going or not to the seminar, if you lay leader, or if you are a graduate of a University with many titles what is important is that we are not reluctant to let us direct by the only person who can really do it supernaturally; Christ and the person of the Holy Spirit. So not yourselves be called Reverend, because God is the only one worthy of total reverence.